Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bug Tracking System

Bug Tracking System is an application used for programmers to track of software bugs in there work. it is essential in companies and used in doveloping software products. A major component of bug tracking system is database that records facts about known bugs. Facts may include the time of the bug was reported, its severity, the erroneous program behavior, and details on how to reproduce the bug; as well as the identity of the person who reported it and any programmers who may be working on fixing it.

In a corporate environment, a bug-tracking system may be used to generate reports on the productivity of programmers at fixing bugs. However, this may sometimes yield inaccurate results because different bugs may have different levels of severity and complexity. The severity of a bug may not be directly related to the complexity of fixing the bug. There may be different opinions among the managers, architects and the developers about the relative ease of fixing bugs.

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