Monday, December 28, 2009

Look YourSelf in Mirror

Hello Readers,
This is my last post in this year. I Wish you a happy Christmas and New Year Celebrations.

When I looked at myself in mirror thought "Ho man, One more year is over in my life and what have you done"? This Question started running in my mind in the beginning of December and still continues... Then i started collecting the good and bad things that i have done in this year and also what is the difference that i made in past years compared to this year.
Ans : I wasted one more year as usual. But always it teaches me a lesson.

Good things (off course its only for me :)
1. When i received mail from the person, whom i doesn't know(Martin Havlat) that "my rights to forum has been updated to Moderator" . This mail really boosted my for doing some thing from out of the box.
2. Lots of appreciations from Manager, Leads, Colleagues etc. off course from my side as well.
3. Implementing TestLink in my Company. ( this was the toughest job that i have done in my career till now)
3. Rest of things are normal, this are only special things that i can share.

Bad things,
Obviously I dont want to discuss but still,
1. Implementation of TestLink in my company was so delayed for 'N' number of reasons which i can not discuss and i also feel for it.
2. Most of the time i felt i should have done many things in a better way.

You may think why i made this post. There is a reason.

"Mirror is like two sides of a coin,
You never knew the go0d and bad Until you realize by seeing it"

I releasized when i saw in mirror my self and thought of the question "Ho man, One more year is over in my life and what have you done" if this doesn't come to my mind i would never knew whats is happened in the past or this year.

I am happy for what i did but i also made few great things that i had not done in my past this is what made me difference from the past to current year(2009)

i am moving a head with more passionate for what i do for coming year.

Please If your more passionate