Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jenkins and Jmeter Integration (PART 1)

There are several posts which are already present. I am not creating this post with reference to any of the posts available over internet. Jenkins + Jmeter integration is quite simple, am use this execution by using "Ant" in the below steps
  1. Environmental set up
  2. Configuration set up
  3. Invoking Jmeter from Jenkins which also includes publishing the results at Jenkins
We will discuss each one in phase wise and with initial set/minimal configurations for ease of the understanding how to do achieve this configuration. First we will look at the environment set up, and in the part 2 we will see next 2 steps

Environmental set up:Three things which are most important for this integration is "Ant", "Jmeter", "Jenkins". All the below configuration were subjected to Windows OS.

ANT:Download the ant from apache, and set the path till "bin" folder i.e is

Jmeter:Download the Jmeter and set the path till Bin folder, i.e

Jenkins:Download Jenkins from the Jenkins site, and deploy it. You can either deploy in the tomecat etc server or run the command from the command line
Java –jar Jenkins.war

This will deploy automatically, since Jenkins uses embedded servlet container called winstone with in it. Note: If the Jenkins deployment is done with the above steps then Jenkins have to be started always using the above command or after the first installation you can set as windows service.

NOTE: All the above were still depend on Java, make sure that java is installed and set up correctly.