Monday, June 30, 2008

"Automation or Manual testing"

While this seems to be quite abnormal if you ask in what we want typo to work before coming to the testing carrier. In Hyderabad, the teaching culture of software testing has changed/seems to be changed a little bit like previously it was a struggle between our friends(upcoming testers) that automation means QTP, win runner etc where I used to object that though this is not the means but just to have a regular basis discussion. When I was into this testing carrier I asked a lot of people (An upcoming testers) about these two terms “Manual testing or automation testing”, every time we start we do have a several arguments and in the end we do have nothing but just to smile on each other faces which makes that we are an upcoming testers.
In my basis Automation is just an added skill to the Tester, but not just that it is the world. Without the manual there is no automation and off course there are vice versa in some cases. Automation itself is not just the tools like “QTP, Win runner, Silk runner” etc. the point is what ever we needed in our regular basis used for testing purpose that reduces time is an automation.. this was the basic of Automation testing.
I do like to give few examples. Let’s have field something like this


Conditions : Only 2000 characters will allow.

In such kind of test cases what would someone will do. I saw few people who started to write 2000 characters in a notepad. Which was a waste of time, in order to save time we do have lots of tools like test data generator. Search for them and generate 2000 characters which would prominently save time and increase the productivity. Such tools help us a lot in increasing productivity. Another small example is WORD/emails where we have a spell checker, which is an automated tool where we correct the wrong spellings.
Automation is not just the tools like QTP or win runner, Typically one has to be understand that what ever is needed for automating to increase our productivity is an Automation tool.

NOTE : DEAR UPCOMING TESTER’s This post is especially to increase awareness about the automation or manual. I would really happy if at least one got understood from this post and implement in your daily basis to increase your productivity and don’t forget to leave your comments before you go away from this blog.

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