Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dear Upcoming Testers...

Testers can't go away with "click here,click there and see the result" kind of a thing while testing. Testers always need the "DEEP THINKING" while they test. One of the famous example given by Mr.James Bach which i already mentioned in About test cases. Testers always need Deep thinking.I have spoken with some of the Upcoming testers, they are in situation what is the role of a tester after getting into the company ! i don't want to pinpoint saying that "here goes the wrong so you don't know the role of a tester". I meet some of my friends who are trained like me, we are trained in different schools in different arts of styles but final output we get is knowledge. We also have a discussion several times, what is the job/role of testers in a company ? we always have to compromise by saying one thing or the other in our battle.
And more important most of the upcoming tester think automation means "QTP.LOAD Runner". This is not at all the correct way of thinking, automation includes many concepts to discuss tools and as far as approach. for example spell check in MS Office or in some application can also called as automated way. we have resources and the only thing is we have to improve our knowledge by implementing and sharing it. i got few examples for testers,

f'ing counting

interactive puzzle

The above examples are really awesome and we can also correlate this examples with Testing.

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