Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jmeter - OS Sampler :

Jmeter has released version 2.7 with some of the great features and enhancements/improvements in JMS and Web services samplers and with new sampler "OS Sampler". For the reference please go through the below link

Rather than taking about all enhancements let us see about the new sampler "OS Sampler"
OS sampler uses the command line command called "DIG" which is an inbuild tool as apackage with most of the linux packages, some of them were listed below.
  1. Bind Tools (Gentoo)
  2. Bind-utils (Red Hat and Fedora)
  3. Dnsutils (debian)

    DIG is usually used to dig/get the information of DNS servers, mail servers, IP address etc.


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